Permit Forms & Instructions


Please take the opportunity to read all of the information enclosed in each application and form below, especially the building application packet. Fill out the forms in a clear, legible manner and supply current phone information for contractors.
  • Building Permit Application (PDF) - This form is for any addition or alteration to a residential or commercial building.
  • Building Permit Packet (New House) - This packet of information walks you through the process for building a new home in Waunakee.
  • Application for Electrical Service (PDF) - This form must be filled out if you are making a change to your electric service.
  • Grading Permit Form (PDF) - This form is required as part of new construction for residential houses. It can also be found in the Building Permit Packet (New House)
  • Stormwater & Erosion Control Permit (PDF) - This form is required for a commercial project which affects an area of 4,000 square feet or more; see Sec. 109-22 for requirements.
  • Plan of Operation Permit (PDF) - This permit is required for any business operating within the village. This includes any new business or relocation of a business within the village.
  • Public Records Request - If you would like to request a copy of your house plans, you will need to read and fill out this form (Please Note: The Village does not have copies of plans built prior to 1987).
  • Sign Permit (PDF) - Any new or replacement signage must meet village codes and requires a permit.
  • Waunakee Zoning Permit (PDF) - This form is for Waunakee residents applying for a permit to alter or add to the exterior of an existing structure
  • Westport Zoning Permit (PDF)- This form is for Westport residents applying for a building permit with the Town. You will need to submit this application to the Village of Waunakee for approval prior to obtaining your Town Building Permit.